Thursday, February 24, 2005

Huawei threatens incumbent telecom equipment vendors

From Light Reading: Huawei Gains Ground in HR Survey

"Incumbent telecom equipment vendors should keep an eye out for Chinese manufacturer Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., which is gaining ground quickly as a market leader, according to Heavy Reading's 2005 Wireline Telecom Equipment Market Perception Study, which was released today."

"Huawei's rapid rise in Europe shows that service providers are willing to break from existing suppliers for strategic equipment purchases, a fact that has to concern Huawei competitors. More than 33 percent of respondents ranked Huawei as the top vendor based on price, a significant lead over #2 Juniper Networks Inc., which nabbed 25.4 percent of the vote."

"Huawei's most remarkable score came in the service and support category, where it received a rating of 16.7 percent, fourth-best in this group," the authors write." Read more


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