Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Nokia says China will soon be its top market

From International Herald Tribune: Nokia says China will soon be its top market

"Sales in China currently account for 10 percent of Nokia's total revenue, second only to the United States at 13 percent, but rapid growth in coming years is likely to push China beyond that, Jorma Ollila, the chief executive, said during a visit to Beijing. "I would not be surprised to see China take up the No. 1 position in the next three years," he said."

"We expect that strong growth to continue," he said, adding that China was likely to account for a quarter of new mobile phone users worldwide over the next five years as its subscribers grow from 330 to 700 million."

".., analysts said China would be a focus of mobile phone growth in coming years, especially as growth in other mature markets slows. China is adding five million mobile subscribers every month, and that growth is likely to continue." Read more


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