Wednesday, February 23, 2005

China's Hungry for More - Prospects for Chinese Internet Stocks Remain Strong

From China's Hungry for More

"There is still heady growth to be found in China. With (Nasdaq: NTES) posting healthy earnings last night -- just weeks after ... Shanda Interactive (Nasdaq: SNDA) came through with a nod-worthy quarter -- is 2005 just 2003 revisited?"

"While both NetEase and Shanda have dipped since they were recommended as part of the Rule Breakers newsletter service, their outlooks remain positive. Some of the world's biggest dot-com players seem to agree after buying into the region over the past year. Amazon acquired online retailer, while eBay scooped up Chinese auction site EachNet. Yahoo! partnered with SINA to launch an auction site last year as well. 2005 may be a bit different now that Shanda is taking an interest in SINA. In other words, Chinese companies may be looking to nibble at their own, and that kind of consolidation may be just the catalyst to reintroduce investors to the region's equity potential." Read more


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