Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Chinese OEMs Show Strong Growth

From ElectronicNews: Chinese OEMs Show Strong Growth

"Total electronics systems production in China rose to $209.5 billion last year, up 13 percent from $185.5 billion in 2003, while the nation's OEMs racked up 14 percent growth, according to the El Segundo, Calif.-based market research firm (iSuppli Corp.)."

"A listing of the top indigenous Chinese OEMs in 2004 showed that among the top 10 Chinese OEMs, telecommunications gear maker Huawei led the pack with a 71.8 percent increase in revenue from 2003 to 2004. Huawei competes directly with Cisco, Lucent and Alcatel and projected that 40 percent of its 2004 revenues were derived from sales outside of China.
TCL was the second-strongest performer among the top 10, with its sales rising 62.9 percent over 2003. TCL established with two joint ventures in 2004 – one with Thomson and the other with Alcatel – that are credited as allowing the company to emerge as the world’s largest TV OEM and as the seventh-largest handset OEM." Read more


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