Wednesday, January 26, 2005

World Economic Forum (wef) Davos: China in focus

From the BusinessWeek online: Talking Chinese at Davos

"China's growing economic and political power dominates a good portion of the agenda at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos. The nation's expanding role is one of the 12 "tough issues" that are the framework for the forum this year. No less than nine sessions are focused on China."

"What are the tough topics involving the Middle Kingdom?
-The sustainability of its hot growth
-Sharply rising wages in China's south
-How to get your profits out of China
-The yuan's revaluation
-China's Impact on the World's Resources
-China's new international corporations
-Chinese culture and identity in a time of vast technological and economic change... "
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From the International Herald Tribune: China's huge shadow at economic forum

""In the past decade Chinese products have gone abroad, Chinese labor has gone abroad and Chinese tourists have gone abroad," he said. "We have accumulated some wealth, and now we think it's time for our corporations to go abroad."

"In a measure of how aggressively the government wants to build up Chinese household names in the global market place, its declared objective is to help some 50 companies to join the Fortune 500 ranks by 2010."Read more


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