Friday, September 08, 2006

What is Huawei? If You're In Comms, You'll Be Finding Out


"In the west the initial push has been towards core networking equipment for carriers and ISPs (markets which have historically been dominated by Cisco)."

"If you're in any form of communication business, don't kick back and think, "Well Cisco needs a competitor. We should be OK." Huawei's plans extend far beyond merely eating Cisco's lunch.

If you get a chance to wander into Huawei's showroom in China, you may be lucky enough to get taken into a hangar the size of a football field. In one small area there's the ISP/Telcocore kit, we've mentioneed. The rest of the space is filled with other technologies such as IN (Intelligent Network - the brains behind telco voice networks), GSM, GPRS, Edge, 3G, NGN (Next Generation Networks i.e. IP-based voice and data networks like BT's 21CN), xDSL (both end-user and network), optical (driving fibres), routers and LAN switches and of course consumer devices for it all."


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