Friday, September 08, 2006

DSL Prime: China as Number One

From ISP planet:

"China will soon pass the U.S. as the country with the most broadband users, probably mid-2007 at 55 million to 60 million. Almost all is DSL. China Telecom's 23.5 million subscribers are more than the entire U.S.; China Netcom 13.5 million makes them the world's second largest DSL carrier. China also has 365 million land lines and 426 million wireless subscribers."

"The majority of DSL manufacturing has moved to China in the last five years. The largest DSLAM maker, Alcatel, has moved manufacturing from North Carolina to Alcatel Shanghai Bell, and Huawei is a growing number two. Most modems are also manufactured in China, even if the name on the box is Siemens or Alcatel. An increasing proportion of DSL engineering now comes from China as well. Key Alcatel work on AT&T Lightspeed is performed in inland China."


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