Friday, September 29, 2006

Microsoft to Invest 100 mln USD in China over Five Years

From ChinaTechNews:

"Microsoft China announced at its 2007 fiscal year media communications conference that it would continue to enlarge investment in China and work to push forward the development of the local software industry by cooperating with the Chinese government and local business partners.

Microsoft China says that in the next five years, it will complete US$100 million strategic investments and US$100 software outsourcing investments in China and train about 80000 software talents as an effort to carry out an agreement reached with the Chinese government."


At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Tom Granahan said...

China Isn't Our Worst Enemy

Tell people something long enough and eventually it seems to become the truth – even when it isn’t.

Many folks in America will tell you the economy is somewhere between downtrodden and destitute, for instance, despite all the evidence to the contrary. It’s largely the result of a mainstream media that seems intent on giving the economy short shrift.

And so it goes with the U.S. manufacturing industry. Talk to the average person on the street and they’ll tell you U.S. manufacturing is dead. Worse yet, talk to many people in the industry – people who should know better – and they’ll tell you only a slightly less depressing story. It’s almost as if they’ve given up.

They’re wrong.

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Penny stocks said...

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