Friday, August 04, 2006

China's Internet Revolution


"According to research by Ipsos Insight, the mean number of hours spent online in China (17.9 in one month) surpasses all other countries.

Porter Erisman, VP for Chinese trading website Alibaba says: "The internet is at the core of community. If you look at online communities in the West... in China it's like that but on steroids. The culture is incredibly social and people always want to be connected to friends and family." "

"Chat rooms, bulletin board systems (BBS) and blogs have become extremely popular in Chinese culture. ... TR Harrington, MD of Shanghai-based Darwin Marketing, says: "The BBS forums have a tremendous influence. If you look at media in China, the government controls it, so it's not always what the people believe. They feel like they get the best opinions from their fellow men from the bulletin boards." "


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