Thursday, March 23, 2006

Google Expects to Take Lead in China's Online Ad Market

From Forbes:

"Google Inc said it expects to edge ahead of rival and become the leader in China's online advertising market. The head of the company's AdWords service for Asia Pacific, Griffin Golamco, told XFN-Asia: 'China is still a small portion of global revenue but we anticipate that it will grow pretty quickly.' "

"'In the US it's a big market and there are big players who are willing to bid up to two usd per click. In China we are seeing the average click prices being a lot lower than what they are in the US and Europe.'

He said that for popular keywords in China, such as those relating to travel, the company may be able to auction words for 30-40 cents per click but, he added, 'it would still be double or triple that price back in the US'. "

Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo China - Johnny Chou (Google President, Sales and Business Development, Greater China) Keynote Address Profit Rises Fourfold as Web Ads Surge


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