Sunday, February 26, 2006

China's Most Popular Web2.0 Services

From China Web2.0 Review:

"According to the web2.0 report by Internet Society of China (ISC), the most popular Chinese web2.0 services are as follows:

Blogging service: Most used blogging services are Bokee(51.4%), Sina Blog(26.3%) and Sohu Blog(18.0%). The survey does not include MSN My Spaces service.

RSS readers: The leading rss readers are Sina DDT, Bokee RSS Reader, My MSN, Gougou, Potu, Kantianxia;

Social Networking: The leading SNS are Yeeyoo, UUZone, ChinaCircle, You2You, Niwota, UUMe and Linkist.

Social Bookmarking: Sina Vivi ranks No. 1 (27.2%), followed by Bokee Blogmark(22.5%), 365key(14.6%) and Hexun Bookmark(11.6%). "

10 Findings of Web2.0 Report by ISC


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