Sunday, February 05, 2006

China's Coolest Web Companies According to Fortune China

From China Web2.0 Review:

"Totally 16 companies from China made the Fortuna China Magazine’s 2005 Coolest Companies List, 7 among them are internet companies, their business range from online games and download tool to new online media like podcasing and e-magazine, from mobile search to WAP portal." WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) portal for mobile users
Cgogo, wireless search service
ChinaCache, most famous CDN (Content Distribution Network) provider in China
Nineyou mainly provides online casual games
Toodou Chinese web2.0 project
Thunder, provides a broadband download tool using P2S/P2P technology
Xplus (Nu Channel) is a company to distribute online interactive magazines

For more information about the companies above visit China Web2.0 Review.