Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tencent Dominates China's Fast Growing Instant Messaging Market

Press Release (Analysys International)

(...) China's IM users have developed rapidly in recent years. The annual growth rate of IM users was respectively 140%, 92%,70% and 51% from 2000 to 2004. China's IM subscribers reached 81.52 million in Q3 2005, increasing 38% compared with Q3 2004.

According to Analysys International's research, Tencent QQ currently dominates the market with a market share of 79.6%. QQ ranks number 1, thanks to its innovation of successful business model. MSN Messenger is more favored by working people for its friendly interface, simple functions and integration with the Windows operating system. It has a market share of 10.08%, ranking the second in China. Sina's UC emphasizes at providing a quality interactive entertainment platform for users, occupying 2.23% market share, ranks third.


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