Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Siemens Enters Router Arena with Acquisition of Harbour Networks Products

From TMCnet:

"Siemens, the world’s third largest mobile telecom network equipment supplier, has reportedly acquired core assets of Harbour Networks Co., a broadband IP network equipment provider in China, for $110 million in cash.

According to a news report, Siemens officially signed the purchase agreement with Harbour Networks on Dec. 23. As part of the deal, Siemens will acquire the Beijing-based company’s technologies and patents for high-end broadband products, as well as about 100 of Harbour Network’s engineers."

"Siemens made news in December when it announced that it will be collaborating with Chinese broadband operator Shanghai Telecom and Shanghai Media Group to offer IPTV to 5,000 households in the Shanghai borough of Pudong at the end of February."

Siemens Breaks Into Chinese IPTV