Monday, December 12, 2005

China's Search Leader Baidu Releases Top China Keywords

From CHINAdaily:

"Chinese domestic search engine has released a list of 13 most popular keywords, according to hits from internet users.

The 13 keywords cover nearly every aspect of life in China. The most typed news keyword is "Shenzhou VI Spacecraft". The hottest event belongs to "Bird Flu". "The Myth" took the hottest movie keyword, and "Super voice girl" the most popular TV program.
The most popular person of the year is professor Lang Xianping of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The hottest sports star is Liu Xiang and Chinese literary legend Bai Jin gets the title for hottest keyword in literature.

The most famous person on the internet is, without a doubt, Furong Jiejie."

From Wikipedia:
Shi Hengxia (born 1977) is a woman from a peasant family in a small town in Shaanxi (a north-central province of the China) who received world-wide notoriety in 2005 for her postings on the internet.
"Usually referred to as frjj, short for "Furong Jiejie," Sister Hibiscus' apparently misplaced confidence in her looks, writing and dancing ability has made her something of an Internet legend."