Thursday, December 01, 2005

Yahoo, Firefox Partner In Asian Market

From TheSearchEngineJournal:

"As Mozilla celebrates the 1st anniversary of Firefox (post beta) distribution with the release of Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Yahoo and Mozilla have announced an agreement which is sure to assist with the marketing of Mozilla Firefox in the Asian market while fortifying Yahoo’s strong grasp of search and portal users. Yahoo and Mozilla have announced that Yahoo will be the default search engine and power the default homepage for Mozilla Firefox browsers which are distributed throughout China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. From Yahoo : “Per the agreement, Yahoo! will now distribute Firefox 1.5 in those markets and will be the default search engine on Firefox 1.5 in each of those countries.“

Although Google is Mozilla’s premier distribution and search partner in the US, Yahoo has made a strong play by partnering with Mozilla in the Asian market."


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