Thursday, November 03, 2005

Shanda Starts Limited Sales of IPTV Gaming Console "EZ Station"

From Interfax China:

"Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited, the largest online game operator in China, began selling its IPTV gaming console for RMB 6,850 (USD 849) on a limited trial basis this week, Shanda PR Manager Li Lijun said Tuesday."

"Shanda's "EZ Station" has been highly anticipated since the gaming company first unveiled plans for the console late last year. However, its price has already turned off many consumers. Chinese gamers have already begun to criticize Shanda for launching what they term a "luxury item." One gamer said that for the price of Shanda's "EZ Station," he could buy a Sony PlayStation 2, a Microsoft Xbox, a Sony PlayStation Portable, a Nintendo Game Cube, and a Nintendo Duel Screen on the Chinese black market."

"Instead of selling disc-based games, Shanda will offer fee-based online and IPTV services to consumers via the console in order to avoid the piracy problem. The "EZ Station" is being manufactured by Chinese TV maker Changhong and Envada Electronics, and comes installed with Shanda's "EZ Center" software package. The console, able to support broadband, IPTV, and cable TV connections, will offer users news, online radio broadcasting, online Karaoke services, stock and financial information, access to 50 TV stations, 50 electronic games, 30,000 online novels via the Shanda-owned literature website, and 800 pay-per-view TV programs and films."


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