Thursday, November 03, 2005

China Becomes Birthplace of New Telecom Leaders

From Top 10 Global Wireless Predictions for 2006

1. New Entrants in Mobile Music Battle the iTunes Model.
2. First Movers Using a New Business Model Disrupt Voice Services.
3. Mobile TV Struggles, Remains an Experiment.

4. China Becomes Birthplace of New Telecom Leaders.
"China breaks out of its constrained role as a destination for technology transfer and “just a big market” and takes a leadership position in telecommunications, a crucial infrastructure area for any developing economy. So far, the Chinese have invested in computing (Lenovo Group bought IBM’s PC business in 2004) and attempted acquisitions in energy (CNOOC’s July bid for Unocal) and consumer appliances (Haier’s June offer for Maytag). Wireless could be next with a network operator, handset or equipment manufacturer falling under controlling interest of the Chinese."

5. 3G and WiFi Duke it Out for Dominance.
6. A New “Converged Virtual Network Operator” Category Emerges.
7. Undifferentiated MVNOs Become MVN“F”s - Managed Virtual Network Failures.
8. First “Bit Pipe” Operators Emerge.
9. 3G Takes Hold Before Fixed WiMAX.
10. EV-DO Complements RIM’s BlackBerry™, Eventually Kills WiFi Data.
11. Fierce Competition Brutalizes Handset and Infrastructure Equipment Markets.


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