Tuesday, November 22, 2005

First China "Google Code Jam"

From interfax China: Google launches coding competition in China

"Google opened the first edition of the search engine's "Google Code Jam" coding competition in China on Monday, the company said.

A number of companies in software and coding intensive sectors, (...) hold annual competitions for engineers in China in an effort to recruit top programmers from across the country. Google is now in the process of hiring staff for the company's new R&D center in Beijing, for which the search engine said it wants to recruit 50 top programmers.

Google will face substantial competition when trying to recruit programmers. A number of multinationals are now setting up R&D centers in China, including Microsoft, IBM, Infosys, and Tata. In addition, Alibaba.com is planning to hire several hundred search engine engineers to improve Yahoo! (China)'s search services, which Alibaba took over in August this year.

Although several thousand Chinese programmers graduate from colleges every year, the country is expected to a see a shortfall of 200,000 software engineers over the next several years, according to the Ministry of Information Industry."

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