Friday, November 18, 2005

UTStarcom's mVision to Power China Telecom’s IPTV

From TMCnet:

"China Telecom is expecting to launch its new IPTV service by the end of the year and it has chosen mVision from UTStarcom, Inc. to support this new service. As the largest fixed-line telecom operator in China, it will service up to 5,000 subscribers to its IPTV offering scheduled for Shanghai."

"mVision IPTV was deployed by Softbank Broadband in Japan for the launch of the BBTV commercial IPTV service in July. This partnering has proven to be a success and UTStarcom executives believe the same will be true in China. The country represents more 1.3 billion people and has a television saturation of over 90 percent. The launch of commercial IPTV in Shanghai is the result of an integrated commercial trial by China Telecom in five providences throughout the country. The initial package will offer Shangai subscriber’s live broadcast television and videos-on-demand."

"Although this agreement represents very little in terms of the ratio of the affected market in China, the potential for expansion over the next several years is tremendous. China is the world’s largest and fastest growing telecommunications market. With the ability to offer viewers next-generation viewing options on-demand, IPTV could quickly spread throughout the viewing country and produce significant revenues for both China Telecom and UTStarcom. This is one area of the industry to keep watching."


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