Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Interview with China's Dotcom Guru Jack Ma


"Jack Ma: China Internet growth is interesting because of (the popularity of) SMS and because of online gaming. I don't believe SMS will save the Chinese economy, I don't believe online gaming will change the China economy, but e-commerce, I believe will. E-commerce for the small to medium sized companies, e-commerce for Chinese companies to export overseas, e-commerce (for) helping foreign companies come to China -- that will be the future, that will be the chance to change the economy and change the fate of the economy. So I think this is the value I want to create for the small to medium sized companies in China, in the world, to give them more opportunities."

"Lu Stout: But now you are not only running Alibaba but Yahoo China, which is known as a media company, a communications company. (...)

Jack Ma: Well, I think when we run Yahoo China I don't want to make this thing a media thing. Leave the media for (Chinese Internet companies) Sina and Sohu to do it. We just concentrate on e-commerce. I don't think it's a sacrifice. For us we just do something which we are strong at, do something which is proper into China and leave the sensitive things to the other people."

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