Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ZTE Corp. Ramping up Efforts in Emerging WiMax Sector

From LightReading: ZTE: Future WiMax Hero?

" Chinese equipment vendor ZTE Corp. is ramping up efforts in the emerging WiMAX sector, backed by analyst opinion that the company has the potential to be a dominant market force.
Speaking at the London leg of its European roadshow today, ZTE was keen to talk up its plans to develop technology based on both the fixed-wireless 802.16d standard and the future 802.16e mobile version."

"The company has set up a subsidiary that focuses specifically on WiMax equipment -- dubbed “ZiMax Technologies” [ed. note: Groooaaannnn!!!] -- and has development centers in San Diego in the U.S. and Shanghai and Shenzhen in China."

"Analysts believe the company is well placed to strike it gold in the 802.16 market. “ZTE is widely expected to be among the first vendors to offer a WiMax-certified product, and given its position as a vendor of WLL [Wireless Local Loop] systems in China and other developing markets, ZTE could turn out to be the major force in Fixed WiMax,” writes Gabriel Brown in the latest Unstrung Insider."