Sunday, June 19, 2005

Europe Particular Focus of ZTE's Overseas Activities

From RedNova: ZTE Raises European Profile

"Based on all or any of the appropriate metrics - sales volumes, regional partnerships, levels of investment and strength of local presence - ZTE Corporation is today one of the fastest growing telecommunications suppliers in the global marketplace in general, and in the European market in particular. The largest publicly listed Chinese telecommunications vendor, with FY 2004 sales of US$2,563 million and some 17,000 employees, the group currently derives US$553.28 million or nearly 22 % of its turnover - from overseas markets and is active in some 60 countries worldwide. The rate of growth of ZTE's international business is particularly striking, increasing in 2004 by 133.5% compared to the previous year and putting the group on target to reach 40% of turnover from export sales by 2006."

Focus On Europe

"Given its overall size, the on-going enlargement of the EU single market, and the considerable potential for expansion in Central and Eastern countries in the region, Europe is a particular focus of ZTE's overseas activities. Perhaps surprisingly, the fact that this is also a highly developed market with well-established, large- scale local suppliers also provides incentives for ZTE's participation. "Competing successfully in this very demanding market - as we do - can help us improve our technologies, products and services. It puts an added emphasis on our ability to deliver ultra- reliable, highly flexible, cost-effective solutions. Also, we can investigate the different business and operating models used by other industry players" explains Mr Lin Cheng, General Manager of ZTE Western Europe. "Again, it's demonstrable that success in the European market is a very valuable reference when ZTE is competing in other geographic markets." "


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