Friday, March 18, 2005

Henry Blodget's China Expedition Begins

From I Go East - My China expedition finally begins.
By Henry Blodget

"A Slate reader named Ross O'Brien had been kind enough to invite me to lunch ... O'Brien has lived in Hong Kong for seven years, where he runs a research and consulting firm called Intercedent Asia. ... O'Brien hasn't struck it rich here, but he's doing fine, and he and his partners are besieged with—and bewildered by—laowai (literally, "old foreigners," with a hint of "buffoon") who imagine that China is still a green field of opportunity. ... He believes that doing business in China is more a necessity than an opportunity and that companies that don't won't be able to compete globally. He regards much of the whining about the reverse engineering and copying of American technology products—telecom switches, for example—as, just that, whining, and observes that American companies often do the same thing." Read more

China Net Investor:
Henry Blodget was a Merrill Lynch equity analyst and poster-boy for the Internet bubble. The Securities and Exchange Commission permanently barred him from the securities industry in the aftermath of investigations into Wall Street corruption. Blodget is now a columnist for the online magazine Slate and writes a series on the China gold rush.