Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Censor storm on Lenovo's acquisition

From China Economic Net: Censor storm on Lenovo's acquisition of IBM's business revealing US wariness

"IBM and the Chinese Lenovo Group declared a news release on March 9 that as the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States ("CFIUS"), which is responsible for the censorship on whether the M&A of US enterprises by foreign companies will endanger the national security of the US, had completed its censorship on Lenovo's M&A of IBM's PC business ahead of time, the two parties will conduct the integration as planned. Finally, the storm once making rumors fly came to an end."

"It should be remembered that IBM is the No.1 of the US computer industry, the nation's heavyweight blue chip, and to some extent, a symbol of the US. Just like salvaging Ford in early days, it (to keep IBM) symbolizes the maintenance of the US’s image and status in the world. But this time, if it is successfully sold out, it is clear that the US have no remedy to save IBM but to sell to foreign funds. Also, the most important is that the acquirer is a company from a socialist country and the largest socialist company ever existing in the world, which means that the "knockout" product of the US capitalism is diluted by socialism. This is very difficult for the US citizens to accept emotionally. If it appeared ten years ago, it would be estimated that it is absolutely impossible for such a transaction to get passed."

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