Tuesday, August 28, 2007

China Tech Roundup - August 28, 2007

China Internet and Technology Roundup provided by Chinamemes.com:

The9 Announces September Launch for "Burning Crusades" World Of Warcraft Expansion
The9 announced today its plans to release the expansion pack "The Burning Crusade" for its licensed MMORPG World of Warcraft's in September.

Acer Takes on Lenovo with $710m Gateway Buy
After the $710m Gateway Buy, Acer replaces China-based Lenovo as the world's number three PC vendor.

eBay's Market Share in China Falls Below 10%
EBay China's market share fell from 16 per cent to 7.2 per cent during the first six months of this year. eBay's Chinese competitor Taobao increased its share from 74% to 83%.

Chinese Seek to Buy an American Maker of Disk Drives
The CEO of Seagate Technology, one of the two remaining U.S. drive makers, disclosed that a Chinese technology company has expressed interest in buying a U.S. maker of computer disk drives.

Chinese Hackers Target German Government Computers
German news magazine Der Spiegel reports that Chinese hackers have infiltrated German government computers with spy programmes.

Yahoo!, Microsoft Agree to Strict Blogging Rules in China
At least 20 blogging services, including Yahoo!.cn and MSN.cn, have agreed to the new "self-discipline pact" laid down by the Internet Society of China, a spin-off from the Information Industry Ministry. Under the pact, the services are encouraged to store the real names and contact details of Chinese bloggers and delete "illegal and bad" information from user comments.

BBC Learning English launches on Chinese portal Sina
Visitors to Chinese web portal, sina.com.cn, can now learn English with the BBC. The site offers its users direct access to the BBC Learning English content specially tailored for Chinese-speakers.

8 Quick Tips to optimize your site for Baidu
Tips to improve your site optimization for Baidu and Chinese search engines in general.

Monday, August 27, 2007

New Social News Aggregator for Chinese Hi-Tech and Internet Sector

is a social news aggregator dedicated to the Chinese technology sector. The website allows you to submit an article that will be reviewed by all and will be promoted, based on popularity, to the main page. When a user submits a news article it will be placed in the "unpublished" area until it gains sufficient votes to be promoted to the main page.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

China Tech Roundup - August 23, 2007

China Internet and Technology Roundup provided by Chinamemes.com:

Baidu Spanks Google in China's Online Ad Market
Baidu retained its position as ad sales leader in the last quarter with 23.5 per cent of the market. Google ranks only fourth with about 10 per cent of the country's total online ad revenues.

Alibaba Prepares its own "AdSense" Advertising Distribution Network
Alibaba has recently begun a beta test on its new online advertising distribution website Alimama (www.alimama.com), which is scheduled to be formally launched in the second half of this year.

Google China Blog Search Goes Live
Google China now has a blog search engine among its array of sites.

China Mobile gets even bigger
China Mobile, the world's largest mobile phone operator by number of subscribers, grew by more than 20 per cent in the first half of 2007.

The company claimed that it signed up more than 31 million new customers to bring its total to 332 million.

Google Rolls Out Laiba, Competing With Baidu Postbar
Google China Rolls Out "Laiba" - a product similar to Baidu Postbar, which enters or generates discussion board based on search keywords.

Sina Obtains Broadcasting Rights for European Soccer
Sina.com has obtained online broadcasting rights in China for soccer matches of the English Premier League and Italian Series A.

Google-powered Questions & Answers for China
Google rolled out a free Q&A service in China in cooperation with Tianya.cn, a popular Chinese net forum.

Google reveals stake in Chinese social Web Tianya
Google revealed on Monday that it had acquired a stake in Chinese community Web site Tianya.cn, indicating a foray by the global search leader into social networking in China.

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