Wednesday, January 10, 2007

China Tech Roundup - January 10, 2007

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U.S. Commerce Secretary Slaps China for 3G Stance
Secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce Carlos M. Gutierrez Tuesday criticized China for delaying the creation of a 3G (third generation) wireless network in that country, saying it is thwarting global technology innovation by not embracing standards.

Baidu's Most Popular Questions of 2006
Baidu Knows' (China's version of YahooAnswers) 2006 top ten questions list.
Top Ten "How" questions:
1. How to lose weight?
2. How to reset a system?
3. How to make money?
4. How to get pregnant?
5. How to build a harmonious society?

Lenovo to Give IBM a Quiet Burial
Lenovo is moving far more swiftly to remove the IBM name as a part of its brandbuilding venture, leaving many wondering if Lenovo has abandoned the IBM brand too quickly.

Chelsea Target 100m Chinese Fans in Global Campaign
Chelsea Football Club's tie-up with China's biggest portal adds more than 100m people to the club's potential fanbase.

Computer Game Operators Unite To Fight Against Online Thieves
The leading computer game operators in China have together asked Chinese policy-makers and law enforcement departments to work together to stiffen penalties for virtual asset crimes and to maintain a healthy development of the computer game industry.

Alibaba's Software Strategy Could Hurt eBay in China
eBay's Chinese competitor Alibaba launched a new software division, Alisoft, to provide its Chinese customers with various ecommerce software.

Yahoo China to Evolve into Business-Oriented Search Engine
Yahoo's China portal will be reorganized as a business-oriented search engine, the company's head announced Monday, saying it had to change or fail amid intense competition from domestic rivals.

Chinese Websites Will Adopt Blog Real Name Mechanism
The real name mechanism means that users will need to provide their true name and identification number in order to register for a weblog on blog service providers in China. - Oberserving China's Digital Revolution


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