Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What Goes on at Huawei's Campus

From silicon.com:

Dan's China diary - day 18: What goes on at Huawei's campus

"I'm completely bowled over by the size and scope of this place. And apparently Huawei is building another huge complex in Nanjing. Certainly an interesting company to keep an eye on."

"Huawei is one of the few companies I've seen in China that really appears to understand the international market and how to use branding. It's won some impressive contracts over the last year or so - notably beating Marconi as one of a dozen or so vendors to BT's 21CN next-generation network project. (Apparently BT audited Huawei in 16 different areas before awarding the contract.) "

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Inside China - Special Report


At 10:54 AM, Blogger ChinaLawBlog said...

Huawei is rapidly becoming a well run multinational, but that certainly has not always been the case and they are still not doing particularly well in developed countries, such as the U.S.

At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huawei has become one of the global leaders in telecom industry, but still needs the key to the developed contries, especially North America. So the collaboration with other established giants might be the best way to achieve this.

btw, the logo of Huawei has been changed, you should use the latest logo.

At 4:58 PM, Blogger Johannes said...

Thanks for the info. I've changed the logo to the new one.


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