Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yahoo's Analyst Day: Alibaba's CEO Jack Ma Ready to Take on The World

From asia.internet:

"Jack Ma , founder, chairman and CEO of the Chinese Web site, took the stage yesterday at Yahoo's analyst day and boldly proclaimed that his company will take on all comers in the Chinese marketplace.

These comers include eBay, Google and Baidu, and Alibaba may well emerge as one of the top Internet companies in the world."

Some Jack Ma quotes from yesterday's Yahoo analyst day:

"Today I don't see a real search engine in China. Baidu is good. Google is good. But we have not started to compete yet. We will start in September."

"In 10 years, among the top-three most powerful Internet companies in the world, one of them will be from China. Among fortune 500, one will be a China private company, not a state-owned company.

Whether Alibaba will be lucky enough to be one of top three Internet companies or Fortune 500 companies I don't know, but that's the goal we are looking for."

"Like GE, Microsoft or IBM, we want to make Alibaba a company that can last long and influence people."

China Net Investor: Yahoo is Alibaba's biggest shareholder. In August, Yahoo bet big on China, with a $1 billion dollar investment in Ma's Alibaba.


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