Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Shanda to Launch TV Platform Home Entertainment Strategy Soon

From CHINAdaily: Shanda sets sights on TV platform

"The biggest Chinese online games operator Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd will launch its home entertainment strategy soon, as the company tries hard to expand its business to other platforms."

"While there are only about 20 million online games players in China, there are 340 million households with a television, so penetration into the TV platform has become the focus of Shanda's home entertainment strategy.
The company has decided to move some of its entertainment branches - including games, music and literature - from the computer platform to the TV platform through a set-top box.
The set-top box is expected to use Intel's processors, Microsoft's operating system and mother boards from the Taiwanese firm Gigabyte. The boxes may be produced by the Taiwanese electronics maker Inventec."

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